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Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

We represent environmental organizations in federal lobbying and legislative efforts to establish and defend laws and regulations that create opportunities for renewable energy and reduce climate change causing emissions.

Our attorneys have been involved in municipal sustainability and sea level rise committees that laid the groundwork for Miami-Dade County and local municipal efforts to address the challenges of a changing climate.   We have successfully advocated for land use decisions that take into account sea level rise and climate change. 

We have experience analyzing corporate reporting, ratings, data and research to help our clients understand climate related vulnerabilities and risks posed to corporations. 

Investors are more keenly aware than ever of the financial risks and opportunities that exist as a result of vulnerabilities to climate impacts, planning for a carbon constrained economy and taking advantage of opportunities in clean tech and renewable energy.  We work with investors and companies to identify strengths and weaknesses in climate related practices, emissions and reporting and improve decisions and practices.